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Nurit 8000 Wireless


Nurit 8020 Wireless



The Nurit 8000 credit card machine offers merchants the ability to accept credit and debit cards anytime, and just about anywhere! This wireless terminal utilizes the reliable and broad GPRS Network for communication.


The Lipman Nurit 8020 credit card machine is the newest wireless terminal from Lipman USA Inc. It is the first terminal to operate on the GPRS Network and has the best cellular coverage of any wireless terminal available.  


Omni Vx610 Wireless


Way MTT Wireless


The VeriFone Omni Vx 610 wireless credit card machine delivers reliable, high speed performance, advanced functionality, and exceptional ease of use. Using the digital wireless network to dial out, the Omni Vx 610 allows merchants to process sales anytime and just about anywhere.


The Way MTT credit card machine offers merchants the ability to accept credit and debit cards anywhere they can obtain a cellular signal. This terminal is small enough to wear on your belt but powerful enough to process MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and even Debit transactions through a National Payment Corporation account.





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