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Merchant Assurance Policy

National Payment Corporation is COMMITTED to providing you, our customer, with honest merchant processing at very competitive rates. We understand the industry as well as some of the antics companies may use to promote their products. Have you ever been told a very low rate plan while the ‘other’ fees were left out. Things like a monthly minimum or batch fee? The fees that are ‘left out’ are often the ones that will cost you the most money each month. Don’t get pick-pocketed, be thorough. At National Payment Corporation, we have a No Hidden Fees Policy that assures every client that we explain each program in its entirety. No surprises, just honest and up front plans.

Once you have chosen to set your account up with National Payment Corporation, we will extend our Merchant Assurance Policy to you. It states that if you are approached by another provider with a deal that sounds too good to be true (like a free credit card machine!), we will give you $100.00 if our program can’t meet or beat it! To take a look at the details of this offer, click here.

Many providers will dance around a program and focus on one rate, the lowest one they can offer you. What you really need is the whole picture. When you bought your last car, I am sure you negotiated a number of things, the price of the car, the term of payments, the interest rate, warranties, etc. You would never purchase a car on just an interest rate alone! The reason of course is that there are more factors needed than just the rate to determine your loan payment. The Merchant Service industry is no different. When the next sales rep smiles and says, I can save you money! Think twice, get all of the paperwork and fax it to us. We will provide you with a side by side based on your actual processing. Let us do the work for you, then show it to you in black and white.

Our goal in all of this is to simply prove to every one of our clients that we provide the most up front and honest credit card processing at the most competitive prices available. It is our hope that you take the time to discuss a program with one of our experienced account representatives or take advantage of the information available in this site. We want your business, today and for years to come!




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National Payment Corporation is registered ISO of 5/3 Bank.
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