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The Hypercom T4210

Mobile Processing at its Best!

Note to Merchants: The deadline for terminal conversion to EMV compliant terminals is Oct 1, 2015. Although current systems will still be supported credit card companies will NO LONGER reimburse for fraudulent purchases made via non EMV terminals. We can help, call us today 800-455-4577 or click here to learn more.

The Hypercom T4210 credit card terminal has been called ‘a better, more powerful device than any other card payment terminal in its class.’ We point to its easy set up, speed and security as big benefits for every processing application – in just an 9” x 6” space. 

The Hypercom T4210 credit card terminal combines workhouse features with racehorse pace. It supports applications for dial communication. The thermal printer handles customizable text and graphics at 18 lines per second, the industry leading rate! 

Witness the Hypercom T4210 in action and you’ll wonder what you’ve been waiting for! 


  • Dial communication capability
  • Intel XScale 32-bit processor – Fastest Transactions
  • Rapid Configuration – Minimum keystroke setup
  • Security standard – Fast, secure PIN entry
  • Multi Merchant Capable - Up to 20 accounts

Perfect for

  • Salons
  • General Retail
  • Kiosks
  • Carry Out, Gas stations
  • Discount Outlets 
  • Department Stores
  • Restaurants and Coffee Shops
  • Grocery stores
  • Day Care
  • Cinemas and Theaters
  • Hotel/Motel/Lodging
  • Boutiques
  • Building Materials
  • Auto Repair 
  • Medical Office or Clinic
  • Government Office
  • Any business who need the capability of accepting cards!

Give us a call today and we will send you a complete schedule of fees with your application!! 800-455-4577






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