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Founded in Toledo, Ohio as a merchant services provider for local businesses, National Payment Corporation is now home to one of the most experienced merchant services and credit card processing support teams in the country. With decades of experience providing Maui, Hawaii based businesses with expert customer support, promoting the newest credit card technology and providing competitive rates for all our merchant services, National Payment Corporation is redefining what a merchant service partner can mean for your business every day.

What makes us different

What sets National Payment Corporation apart from the rest of the industry is what makes us such a valuable business partner. Things like our No Hidden Fees policy, our extensive knowledge of credit processing changes and regulations, our insistence on implementing change before it is required, and our desire to know your company and industry as well as we know ours. National Payment Corporation rapidly grew from our Midwest merchant services roots to help businesses across the entire country, and we now are the preferred merchant services provider for hundreds of customers across Maui and the Hawaiian Islands.

Localized focus with a national reach

National Payment corporation has used our original model for merchant services solutions and taken it national, providing credit processing and merchant solutions far beyond competitors. By replicating our localized focus with representatives across the country, and teaming it with our expert team of customer service providers, we've been able to deliver exceptional service and impressive processing rates to businesses across America. Find out what made National payment corporation the merchant services leader in Maui, Hawaii and how we can help your business continue to grow its profitability.

Find out why 84% of our current customers have switched to us from other credit card processors and merchant service providers.

National Payment Corporation offers:

  • The most comprehensive choice in credit card networks
  • Major credit card, check, gift/loyalty card, and specialty card processing.
  • Downloads with more diverse tracking features
  • The most complete, all-in-one solution to your payment processing needs
  • Competitive rates for all major credit cards and debit cards
  • Monthly diagnostic reports
  • Unsurpassed customer service¬†
  • Simplified conversion program¬†
  • Forerunner in PCI Compliance and fraud monitoring for our clients.
  • Loyal partners in merchant services solutions¬†

National Payment Corporation has been providing our clients with the best in Maui merchant services and credit card processing for over two decades. We now work with businesses across the Hawaiian Islands, helping them lay the foundations for future financial growth. Call us today to learn more about our Maui merchant services and credit card processing programs, and how they can make a difference to both your business and your customers. Don't put up with merchant services providers who see you as an account, not a partner. Call Team NPC today at 1-800-455-4577.





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National Payment Corporation is registered ISO of 5/3 Bank.
National Payment Corporation
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