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Mobile & wireless solutions to help you grow your business

Mobile and wireless credit card processing allows you to move beyond the traditional brick and mortar store front of traditional credit card processing. It provides you with total freedom and to bring your business to grow your businesse’s service area.

Are You EMV Ready?

Reduce Credit Card Fraud & Identity Theft

Deadline for Merchant Compliance is October 1, 2015


Find out what your credit card processing company could be doing for your Hawaii Business

National Payment Corporation has been providing exceptional merchant services, including credit card processing and point of sales system set-up and integration, to cities like Hawaii, Hawaii for over 30 years. Our vision has always been to support Hawaiian business owners by improving their efficiency and sales capabilities, while saving them money on their credit card processing services. Our team of customer service experts and merchant service providers will save your business time and money, helping to lay the foundations for future financial growth

Merchant services is about having a partner in business, someone as committed to your continued growth and financial success as you are. What sets National Payment Corporation apart from the rest of Hawaii's credit card processing industry is what makes us such a valuable business partner. Things like our true No Hidden Fees policy, our extensive knowledge of credit card processing regulations and compliance, our 24/7 Customer Service lines, and our desire to know your company and industry as well as we know the credit card processing industry.

National Payment Corporation has a nationwide network of representatives and customer service experts here to help you continue to grow your business. If you think your merchant service provider could be doing more for you, or are interested in getting more information about one of NPC's  business solutions, contact our local Hawaii, Hawaii merchant services representative Milton Holmes to schedule a meeting today.

National Payment Corporation: As committed to your business as we are to ours

The deadline for EMV Compliance is October 2015. If your business has not made the change yet, or if you have any questions about EMV credit cards and processing, contact the credit processing experts at NPC today.





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National Payment Corporation is registered ISO of 5/3 Bank.
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